Who We Are/What We Do
ProTec Marketing, based in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia), was founded in 2005 by Bob Finkenaur. ProTec Marketing increases revenue and profitability for companies in the adhesive and sealant arena.

How We Do It
We are known as a connector and a matchmaker. We take products, packaging, technology, etc… from a variety of suppliers and recombine them in a new and innovative ways to create new uses, customers and markets.

Our success is based on the following
We understand adhesive and sealant technology.
We are familiar with market players and their needs.
We uncover benefits the technology brings to new customers.
We know packaging technology.
We have excellent relationships with key suppliers to the industry.
Taking new and existing products to new customers and markets.

Products, packages and business developed by ProTec Marketing are manufactured, marketed and sold by major manufacturers, distributors and retailers of adhesives and sealants around the world.

Our focus is in 3 primary areas
Product Development
– we understand the unique features and benefits of your adhesive and sealant technology. Our “outsider’s view” can identify new applications, customers and markets for existing products, often with little or no formula changes.

Package Development – proper delivery of the adhesive and sealant is as important as the product itself. The delivery method effects cost, shelf life, quality, convenience, etc…We are familiar with the broad range of new and existing packages available to the adhesive and sealant manufacturer.

Business Development and Representation – we are a “matchmaker”, bringing together one or more companies formulating, manufacturing and packaging strengths with another company’s strong market position. The result is increased revenue and profits for the manufacturer and customer.

912 Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460-4423 U.S.A.